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Americans are becoming savvy shoppers. As time progresses and technology evolves, people have begun to research the things that they consume in greater depth — after all, it is important to know what is going into your body.

Among the most researched and speculated consumables on the market have been CBD products over the last decade. While CBD products have begun to skyrocket in popularity, some people still find themselves skeptical of CBD products like CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, smokables, and more.

At Rocky Mountain Extraction Service (RMES), we understand that consumers want to be more comfortable about what they are putting in their bodies. Because of this, we have done something that not many other wholesale or bulk CBD oil providers have taken the time, effort, or money to do — we’ve gone out and gotten our bulk CBD oil certified as an organic product by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

What Is USDA Organic Certified CBD?

USDA Organic Certified CBD products are products that have been derived from organically-grown hemp. Up until recently, organic hemp sourced from the United States was not widely available — making it harder for bulk CBD oil extraction companies like ours to receive organic certification by the USDA.

As it is with many industries governed by the USDA, it takes time for companies to make the transition towards becoming certified as a producer of organic products. In fact, even though becoming a certified organic CBD producer is now available, many businesses will not make the transitions simply because they can still make money without trouble.

But that’s not us. At RMES, our commitment to providing high-quality bulk CBD extracts to individuals and businesses starts with our company becoming a USDA Organic Certified CBD extract provider.

Becoming a USDA Organic Certified CBD extract company is not easy. In fact, there are many hoops to jump through before the USDA deems your operation as organic. At RMES, we have done the following to bring certified organic bulk CBD extracts to your business:

  • We have adopted organic practices — including manufacturing our CBD extracts using hemp from certified organic farms. We also sought out a USDA-accredited certifying agent and submitted the necessary application and fees to make this possible.
  • Once the application was approved, we took the necessary steps towards ensuring that our day-to-day practices are in compliance with USDA organic regulations.
  • Next in the process, the USDA official toured our bulk hemp extraction facility to ensure that our business was indeed prepared to become a USDA Organic Certified CBD extract provider.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the USDA agent took our application and inspection notes and determined that our business is, in fact, ready to be awarded the certificate for being one of the few USDA Organic Certified CBD extract businesses in the United States.

At RMES, it is our goal to supply you with wholesale CBD extracts that you can trust. Contact us today if you are interested in our bulk CBD oils and extracts.

USDA Organic CBD Extract — Why Choose It?

If you are working towards developing a CBD product, we strongly suggest that you do so using USDA Organic Certified CBD extract. Why? Well, for one, it is on the cutting edge of the industry — so if you can offer consumers high-quality, proven CBD products, you can offer them something that a majority of CBD brands cannot.

Why Go Organic?

Aside from being able to offer an organic product to your consumers, there are many benefits to sourcing your CBD products from USDA Organic Certified extracts and oils.

Customer Trust & Marketability

For starters, CBD products have long existed with little-to-no regulation or governing body. Other than testing from third-party labs (of which a select few companies publish findings), there was not much of a validation system to prove whether or not a CBD product was made with high-quality extracts or if it was a modern-day “snake oil.” So when you manufacture your product using bulk CBD oil and extracts from RMES, you will have a marketable trait to build customer trust right out of the gate.

Environmental Responsibility

Whether you are buying organic cotton, carrots, cantaloupe, or CBD, you’re promoting a safer, healthier world. In fact, the whole purpose of organic products is to provide consumers with a natural product that they can feel safe consuming — all while promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable farming practices.

As a business owner in the CBD industry, purchasing bulk CBD oils and extracts is something that you can feel good about. But it doesn’t stop there, because your customers will feel the same way when they buy it from you.

Organic Certification Matters

We currently live in a world where consumers are beginning to critically analyze each product that they buy before they throw it into their shopping cart. By giving them a natural CBD product, you can ensure that your products are something that they can feel good about.

Why Organic CBD Is More Important Than Ever

With even more regulations coming in the near future, the USDA Organic seal is more important than ever — and when you work with RMES, you can ensure that it is on your product when people care about it most. In fact, most manufacturers and sellers have noticed the long, hard, and tedious certification process and decided to opt-out of it. In the upcoming years, bulk CBD extract sellers and CBD product manufacturers that have not become certified as USDA organic will likely no longer be able to sell. If you work with a wholesale CBD oil provider that is not certified organic, you could lose money on your investments when this time comes.

Transparency Is Key

While most extract manufacturers might not have trouble selling their product now, the constant industry push towards transparency will soon catch up. So when you work with a bulk CBD oil provider, look for the USDA seal to prove that their process is transparent and has been tested and approved by a government entity.

Our USDA Organic Certified Services

Organic CBD Extraction

Offering organic extraction services, RMES is one of the few CBD extract providers that can offer USDA Organic Certified CBD for your products. If you want your product to be the best, get your CBD oils and extracts from RMES. Our contracts are offered as:

  • Toll contracts
  • Split contracts
  • Combo contracts

At RMES, we provide competitive and flexible extraction service contracts to meet your needs. From raw extract to fully finished products, RMES is here to deliver the organic extract that you deserve.

Organic CBD Finishing

Do you have a certain product type in mind? Let us know what form you’d like your USDA Organic Certified CBD extract in. Our experienced team can finish the extracts however you might need.


  • RMES can take any winterized crude AND refine it into distillate

THC Remediation for Complaint Oil

  • RMES can take any winterized crude or distillate
    and remediate the THC to < 0.3% .

THC Remediation for T-Free Oil

  • RMES can take any winterized crude or distillate
    and remediate the THC to 0.0%.


  • Achieve the same consistency from batch to batch

Product Development, Formulation, & Mfg.

At RMES, we are here to help your CBD business succeed. From providing you with high-quality, organic CBD extract to helping you develop the products themselves, our team is here for you.

Product Development

  • We are here to help you efficiently and effectively develop your CBD product

T-Product Formulation

  • Work with our chief chemist to explore and create new formulations

Product Manufacturing

  • Our team can manufacture and deliver your white label CBD products.

What Should Consumers Know About Organic CBD?

Why should your CBD products be made using USDA Organic Certified CBD? Well, because of the variability of the industrial hemp and CBD production industries, brand success will always fall to consumer decision — and the consumer will look to the CBD brands and products that are natural and transparent.

When a consumer is interested in your CBD product, it will stand to benefit you that they can look up your business and see that your bulk CBD oil supplier (RMES) is USDA Certified Organic.

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Extraction Services

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Finishing Services

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Product Development

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USDA Organic

For USDA Organic Certified CBD Extract, Think Rocky Mountain Extraction Services
If you are looking for high-quality, tested, proven, and certified CBD extracts and oils, we urge you to consider partnering with us, here at RMES.

We are one of the few CBD oil extract providers that have been certified as a USDA Organic manufacturer, and we would love to partner with you to bring top of the line CBD products for your target market.

Do you have questions about RMES and what our experienced team can do for you? Then contact us today, as we would love to discuss logistics with you.

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